Hey Lovelies,

I woke up this morning, and my hair was a MESS! You know, the dirty, greasy, stick-to-my-face, wont cooperate type of a mess. Lately, i have been trying to keep my hair as energy free as possible, as organic and natural as possible. And that includes not washing my hair! I try to wash my hair every-other-day (im sure that wasn’t proper grammar), than rather everyday, to try to keep it more healthy. So i decided that today i would go easy and simple (hey, did you just notice that i used a word in my title?) and do a SOCK BUN.

First, get a sock that is long, and cut off the toe part, as show above. Make the cut as big as the other end of the sock.

Next, start at the end you did NOT cut, and start folding the sock into it’s self. Like your rolling it. Do this until it creates a donut shape.

Create a donut shape, once you have, then you have created your sock bun! (above picture) Congrats, its reusable! :)

To be easier to learn, i had my sister do it for me. However its super easy to do yourself as well you just nwed practice. Put your hair into a high pony (or low if you like). So in the above picture, my sister is putting the sock bun (donut) in my hair. Pull your hair through like you beginning to put a (hair pretty, hair pony, hair tie, hair elastic, hair band, etc) in your hair. The above picture is much easier to follow then this direction.

Take the ends of your hair, and put it into the bun, so put it where your pony tail is. Put the hair under the bun, and back into the hole. Spread the end or your hair around the sock, so that its more even.

This is the most confusing part, so keep calm. What you are going to do is to roll the SOCK with your hair up towards you head. You are doing almost the same motion as you were when rolling the sock up in the first part. So put your pointer finger underneath the sock, and your thumbs where you hair on the outside is (facing you), and turn all those finger as if you were were spinning a light in( like on your ceiling) . Your basically rolling the sock onto its self. i would suggest that if this is to hard to do on your self, first practice on a friend, sister, or mom, so you can get how to do it, so then it would be easier to do on yourself.

When you get to your head, look in a mirror and fix anything that needs to be fixed. No clips are needed, as well as no hairspray. But do that if you need to!

Thank You all for reading, please follow my blog, and request. xoxo maddy


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