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Review: B & BW Energy Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub

Want to feel super soft, smell great, and get a little pick-me-up of energy, all at the same time?

Well I decided to test the Bath and Body Works triple threat of a product to see if it actually does all of those things above.  And I honestly have come to the conclusion that I love this product.

So my experience with this scrub started when I was in the shower. I was about to open and use this product for the first time when I came to a small roadblock. No one of those huge road blocks that stop traffic for hours, on a hot sunny day, where everybody is screaming and yelling and secretly wishing that there was an ice cream truck near by. No this was one of those oops somebody’s garbage bag fell in the middle of the road, some nice guy stopped to take it off the road kind-of-road-block. Anyways for the life of me I couldn’t open the safety seal with my wet shower fingers. The only and only downside to this product; open when dry with scissors .

When you open this scrub, you can see how the sugar scrub sinks to the bottom and the oil rises to the top, the reason to this im sure I learned in Biology. Anyways I grabbed about a spoon full of the sugar and the oil, and rubbed it on my legs, arms, and feet. The nice thing about this scrub is it has sugar instead of salt which means it wont irritate cuts.

Dont take this lightly: I felt as soft as a cloud!

So scrub, breath, and rinse, and feel how soft your legs have become. My legs didn’t feel greasy after wards (thank goodness), I hate greasy moisturizer and makeup removers.

Coming out of the shower my skin felt soft and moisturized, I smelled delicious (I even got compliments that I smelled good!), and I felt happy, fresh, and energized. Aromatherapy sure does work!


  •  Pros: True to what it says it will do, availability of this product is good, good customer service at the mall, big container, there is a whole line of orange energy Aromtherapy (if you fell in love with this and want more)
  • Cons: Seal can be hard to open if your fingers are wet (and you don’t have scissors) price is on the higher side
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Recommend?: Yes!
  • Re-Purchase?: Yes (:


  • Name of Product: Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub
  • Where to purchase: Bath and Body Works store, or online @ http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11669912&cm_vc=200
  • Size: 13oz/368g
  • Price: $16

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Thank You All For Reading This Post, Stay Tuned For More Reviews!

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