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Top 5 Drugstore Makeup


As my love and passion grow for the makeup industry, it takes me further away from the makeup aisles at Target and Walmart and closer to brands such as Mac and Sephora. However, i still have a couple products I simply can’t part with and who dosn’t love affordable makeup? And with the that note lets begin!

  • 1st: Maybelline’s “The Colossal Volume Express” (waterproof).

Left-Packaged Right-Brush Style

Left-Packaged Right-Brush Style

This is one of my favorite makeup products by far. If I could only choose one item of makeup to wear this would be it. I use it everyday. In simple terms: No clumps & Beautiful Lashes. I get waterprrof mascara and this one seems to never run. Can i say love? I think so…

Makeup Product: ***** (5 Star Rating)

Mascara: *****(5 Star Rating)

Find this at Walgreens.com for 7.99$ *Click Here*

  • 2nd: Revlon Illumninance™ Creme Shadow

Outside Packaging/Inside/Swatches

Outside Packaging/Inside/Swatches

This is great when you have no time for eyeshadow and want to just swipe a color on in seconds. This can also be used as a base to layer eyeshadow for more color and stay-a-bility. The swatches above show 2 matte colors and 2 shimmer/glimmer/glitter colors. Matte colors work extra great as a base, and the shimmer ones are perfect by themselves. As you can tell the third one is my favorite, I’m ADDICTED to the simplicity and colors.

Makeup Product: ****(4 Stars Rating)

Eyeshadow/Base: **** (4 Star Rating)

Find This Item at Walgreens.com for 6.99$ (check the link out for a coupon)

  • 3rd: Hard Candy’s Sheer Envy Primer

Primer Package/Primer

Primer Package/Primer

I love candy in general and then I love Hard Candy’s Primer. Not only do I use this product everyday but it’s cost effective for a primer. Some primers run around 20-70$ WOW. This primer has SIMILAR ingredients to some of the expensive ones, so that in itself is a great reason to try this product out. This primer bottle literally lasts forever! Its a super light formula so it just glides on helping create a flawless face.

Makeup Product:*****(5 Stars Rating)

Primer:****(4 Stars Rating)

Find this product at walmart.com for 8$ CLICK HERE

  • 4th: Eco Tools Brushes (Blush Brush)

Eco Tools Blush Brush/In Action

Eco Tools Blush Brush/In Action

I know this isn’t necessarily makeup but… this is the BEST drugstore brushes I have found yet. So I thought I would share this hidden gem. This blush brush seems to do the job every single time. I use this everyday with no problems, such as No hair fall out, no clumps, and not irrupting my skin. Also this is ECO-FRIENDLY, so thats a plus. If anyone ever tells you drugstores brushes are junk, they just haven’t tried these out yet.

Makeup Acessorie/ Product: *****(5 Star Rating)

Blush Brush: *****(5 Star Rating)

Find this at walmart.com for 9.98$ Click Here

  • 5th: Revlons Color Stay Liquid Liner



Lastly I LOVE this liner. I pretty much had a epiphany using this product. I have never had eyeliner last all day until i tried this product. I will be forever loyal.

Makeup Product: *****(5 Star Rating)

Liner:*****(5 Star Rating)

Find this at walmart.com for 4-7$ Click Here :)

Drugstore products are a great way to start off with makeup and a way to not break the bank. Have any drugstore makeup products you swear by? I would love to try it out, leave a comment bellow.

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